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The flavourings presented by "Néroliane" respond perfectly to new trends in gastronomy. With finesse and originality, they coat flavours into culinary preparations, from the simplest to the most elaborate, and this, whatever the season. As proof, the strawberry, like the mushroom, work both in winter and in summer.

The great chefs of French gastronomy were the first to adopt the aromas. Without seasonal constraints, the kitchen could reinvent itself. These food scents have distilled a pinch of modernity in most traditional recipes by the right blend of sophisticated flavours!


Today, natural flavourings have become the symbol of a new culinary art, based on creativity and refinement. Pastry Chef, confectioners, restaurateurs, all the food trades are interested in favorings.

To meet the demand of these professionals, but also of all gastronomy lovers, "Néroliane" proposes a range of natural aromas varied and qualitative:

  • Fruit flavours (fruits of the orchard, red fruits, etc.) 
  • Aromas of Flowers (pink, violet, mimosa, etc.)
  • Brown aromas (Coffee, Caramel, Chocolate)
  • Salty flavours (truffle, pistachio etc.)
  • Condiment aromas (mint, basil, chives, garlic, etc.)


Designed according to an environmentally friendly production method, the products of "Néroliane" preserve the flavours of nature for a kitchen in the air of time.