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"Néroliane" is distinguished by the excellence of its Flavourings for two reasons:

- "Néroliane" works with the perfumers and the most renowned aromaticians of the aromatic world

- "Néroliane" perpetuates the traditional know-how of perfumers of the past, while taking advantage of the technological advances of today.

The company "Néroliane" is located in the heart of the Grasse region in the South of France, the high place of the world of perfume and aroma. This geographical location allows it to benefit from the expertise of the perfumers and the most renowned aromaticians of the region, while inheriting knowledge of perfumery, and his ancestral know-how.


Flavourings, proposed by "Néroliane", are designed according to traditional production processes, conforming to the latest safety and current hygiene standards. In compliance with the Codex Alimentarius and according to the European directive 88/344 / EC, the "Néroliane" Flavourings are classified in the category "natural flavours".

"Néroliane" flavours contain no GMOs, preservatives, artificial colors or stabilizers. They are exclusively developed by certified professionals recognized for the perfection of their work.


All the aromas, selected by "Néroliane", are products of quality, with authentic taste, allowing to realize recipes new and tasty.