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Discover our
new organic flavours!


Discover our
latest natural flavours!


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for the production of natural food flavours to give a healthy and light taste to your recipes. In the small town of Grasse, known worldwide for the production of natural flavours, Neroliane creates every day new organic flavours while respecting nature. Neroliane offers a wide range of flavours to allow cooking enthusiasts to unleash their culinary creativity and bring color, flavour and magic to all recipes. Flavours for desserts to natural flavours for ice cream and even for savory recipes, like our mushroom flavours. Neroliane food flavours are also ideal for catering professionals such as restaurateurs, pastry chefs and chefs. Strictly made in France, all our flavours are chosen to respect the European regulations and standards in force regarding hygiene, traceability and quality. Particularly attentive to the nutritional aspect and the benefits that nature offers us, the Neroliane team is committed to selecting quality flavours, 100% guaranteed and to prepare them so that they are easy to use for each of you.

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