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Aroma and nature, recognized know-how

The brand "Néroliane" can boast of the excellence of the aromas that it proposes to all enthusiasts of inventive cuisine and tasty. Located in the heart of the Grasse region, "Néroliane" benefits from an exceptional environment indissociable from the history of perfumery and its ancestral know-how. We knew how to surround ourselves with the expertise and the talent of the nose and the renowned aromaticians of the region to produce a palette of natural flavours answering the demand of the most demanding amateurs.


A constant search for quality

Quality is the spearhead of "Néroliane". It is found at all levels of the development of our food flavourings. Thus, "Néroliane" proposes products developed by professionals approved according to traditional production methods and conforming to the latest safety and hygiene standards in force.


In compliance with the food code and according to the European directive 88/344 / EC, the flavours "Néroliane" are classified in the category "Natural flavourings". We guarantee the transparency of our extraction and manufacturing methods.

Designed in an environmentally friendly way, our aromas preserve the flavours of nature. Your cuisine, classic or inventive, will be sublimated by the delicacy of these natural aromas that personalize each dish. With "Néroliane", be naturally greedy!


Together we respect the planet!

Our flavours are packaged in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles. Their advantages are numerous. In addition to being light and therefore less expensive on shipping, they ensure an optimal quality of conservation and are 100% recyclable. PET bottles are today the most environmentally friendly packaging method for liquid products. It is therefore natural that we opted for this material to protect both our aromas and nature ...


A complete offer to serve your creativity

"Néroliane" offers more than 50 references. Each has been produced with the utmost respect for the initial product so that you recognize it from the first use. Natural flavours of fruits, flowers, spices and aromatics, vanilla or coffee extracts, not to mention the different pistachio pasta ... You will necessarily find the flavours you are looking for in our product catalog. Discover all their magic by incorporating them into sauces, rice, pasta, desserts and syrups.


We promise to send them to you quickly and to offer you the shipping cost of 66 euros. Because it is well known: a good dish does not wait ....