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Natural Aromatic Caramel Flavouring

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This aroma is well suited to :

Ice creams
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Delicious, caramel is a sweet that satisfies all sweet tooths. Caramel caresses the taste buds and takes us back to childhood in a few spoonfuls.

Our aromatic caramel flavour has been specially designed for dairy desserts and yoghurts: (recommended dosage 2.5% for yoghurts), it gives them a good dose of delicacy and sweetness.

Also ideal for all your gourmet drinks (chocolate, frappés, cappuccino...)

This aromatic caramel flavouring is also perfect for topping your puddings, decorating your creams (pastry, dessert...), compotes...

You are caught off guard, 2 beautiful pears or apples, put in the oven or the microwave, all topped with a drizzle of caramel, a few flaked almonds, a quick, healthy and natural dessert. Add a scoop of vanilla and you have a caramel version of Belle Hélène pear.

It is perfect for topping your ice creams and sorbets to add a slightly more gourmet touch.

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Natural Flavouring of vegetable origin obtained by extraction, concentration, distillation, roasting or fermentation in accordance with European legislation.

Designed with respect for men and the environment, the products of Neroliane restore the authentic Flavours for a modern kitchen.

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Aromatic Caramel Flavouring