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Neroliane Ballotine Volaille arôme abricot Neroliane Creme fouettée arôme abricot

Natural Chocolate Flavouring

Gourmet food!

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Availability: In stock

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Associeted recipes

Neroliane Ballotine Volaille arôme abricot Neroliane Creme fouettée arôme abricot

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Find everything that makes Chocolate irresistible in our Natural Chocolate Flavouring . It is the ideal partner for gourmets who cook like gourmands who savor!

And without being an exCeptional housewife, or a proven blue cord, you can very easily use the Natural Flavouring Chocolate in all the sweet preparations you like. It perfectly enhances the chocolate taste of any gourmet dessert and highlights fresh fruit and the fruity Flavouring of a mousse or smoothie.

One more idea? Dare to associate the Natural Flavouring Chocolate with a little Natural Flavouring Vanilla, Natural Flavouring Coconut or Natural Flavouring Honey in your sweet recipes.

And why not, to recreate famous duos, a drop of essential oil of Mint Arvensis or essential oil of Orange!

What's more: the Natural Chocolate Flavouring is divinely accompanied by salty, spicy or high character dishes. The meat of lamb, duck and game loves its powerful note and its sweet touch. A preparation based on rice, vegetables or starchy foods with spices such as cinnamon, clove, cumin or even curry will be sublimated by the addition of the Natural Flavouring Chocolate. Try to impress your guests!

If you like Chocolate, start and be inventive: it accommodates a lot of recipes by bringing them a little something different and very tasty.

Suggestion of use : from 1 drop per plate to 1 coffee spoon of Chocolate Natural Flavouring per preparation liter. Those few drop should be enough to reveal the full taste of Chocolate.

An economy product which last long. To use only in cooking preparation. To keep refrigerated after opening. Before every use, think to shake the bottle.

  • Fiche Technique Chocolat

Flavoring preparation, Natural Flavoring substances, water, propylene glycol, acacia gum, invert sugar, preservative: E211, acidifier E330, ethyl alcohol: 1.1% +/- 0.05%

Natural Flavoring of vegetable origin obtained by extraction, concentration, distillation, roasting or fermentation in accordance with European legislation.

Designed with respect for men and the environment, the products of Neroliane restore the authentic Flavors for a modern kitchen.