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Natural Lime Flavouring

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This aroma is well suited to :

Ice creams
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Want to always have this ingredient so easy to incorporate into your dishes and drinks? Neroliane offers you the Natural Lime Flavouring, made in the strongest time of the most beautiful harvests.

A Flavouring as we like them, hyper refreshing and incredibly tonic! A tangy taste immediately recognizable, reminiscent of the sun, the beach and the summer nights. A program that does not refuse! In short, using Lime Natural Flavour, you invite the tropics in all your exotic drinks and dishes ...

Nothing simpler than marinating raw fish, fresh salmon, bluefin tuna or white flesh in a preparation to which you will add this Lime Natural Flavouring for a "ceviche" dish. It will accompany elegantly the shells and the seafood of all your preparations: au gratin of scallops, fricassee of mussels and other pan-fried squid. Think of Lime Natural Flavouring to enjoy cod or shrimp accras, your squid fritters and your avocado and crab verrines.

White meat loves Lime Natural Flavour! Chicken with coriander and Chinese noodles, turkey with rice and PineApple, minced rabbit with shoots of soy and bamboo, porcine caramel with red pepper and green pepper ... Be inventive: this product lends itself to all your fantasies.

A refreshing idea: Natural Flavouring of Lime is ideal in a little flat or sparkling water with added sugar or honey. Less expensive than a soda and significantly better for health!

If you like to prepare exotic non-alcoholic cocktails, try it: you will have beautiful surprises and your guests will be delighted. Ti'Punch, Margarita and other delights "soft drink" version! Lime combines Naturally with Natural White Rum Flavouring, Natural Mojito Flavouring or Natural Ginger Flavouring.

Not to mention sauces such as vinaigrette, with this aroma, which will give taste to your green or compound salads and your raw vegetables without adding unnecessary calories.

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Natural Flavouring of vegetable origin obtained by extraction, concentration, distillation, roasting or fermentation in accordance with European legislation.

Designed with respect for men and the environment, the products of Neroliane restore the authentic Flavours for a modern kitchen.

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Lime Flavouring